Purple Pinwheel (Marasmius haematocephalus)

Bom Bom islet, Principe

Humanity is still struggling with understanding its place in the universe.

Partly due to greed, short sightedness and weak government, but perhaps most importantly the deep an incomprehensible absence of feeling a connection with life!

Every child is pushed through a molding process starting in kindergarten – all firmly focused on upholding the past, traditions and the need of being a productive member of a society built on principles contradicting what is natural.

Nowhere are children receiving any confirmation as to their uniqueness being natural and that they should trust their inner voice as that is where truth resides.

Nowhere are children fully backed and supported to trust their inner being.

There is no curriculum on how to be at one with life.

The universe has and is providing for all our needs, and that is all for free. Yet we are taught how to best capitalize on taking more and more in new ways, and never to ask “how will this benefit nature?”

Only where there are extraordinary individuals will children receive the above, as these individuals are beacons of light, conscience and understanding.

So what does a couple of fungi transforming a dead leaf have to do with anything?

Fungi are just some of an endless array of lifeforms doing their things, but they are all doing it for free.

For themselves – not us.

Yet we are not attributing any monetary value to this as it has always been here and are thus taking them for granted.

If we did attribute monetary value to all of life on Earth, it would be a number so enormous we would not be able to express it.

How come we are not attributing any value to that which our lives are founded on?

Altitude: 18 meters

Last updated on 18 September 2023