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Principe fungus, unknown species

Bom Bom islet, Principe Humanity is still struggling with understanding its place in the universe. Partly due to greed, short sightedness and weak government, but perhaps most importantly the deep an incomprehensible absence of feeling a connection with life! Every child is pushed through a molding process starting in kindergarten – all firmly focused on […]

Dhankar Gompa, Spiti

Today we can enjoy a leisurely car drive to this amazing monastery and village – Dhankar Gompa, and move on within minutes in the summer months. But think about how this kind of living was all the hundreds of years prior to any road or motorized vehicles! Winters as cold as can be – centuries […]

Trust your heart

I look back on an incredible journey to Socotra and why it is so important to follow your heart. Socotra is a place so special you can hardly believe what you see. I had such a strong pull to this island but found only warnings and uncertainty, yet I felt this deep urgency to go […]