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Dochula Pass, Bhutan

I was very fortunate to come here in time for the sunrise with a cloudless sky. Very slowly I had a growing idea of the magnificent snowcapped mountains to the north and west, and as the light increased I was greeted with a completely clear sight of the tallest mountain peaks in Bhutan. This shot […]

Dochula Pass, Bhutan

The sunrise is almost over, and I was having a hard time deciding which direction to point the camera. Focus on the sunrise in the east above the stupas, and capture the moment the entire disc has climbed above the horizon, or focus on the north-west where the amazing hues of the sunrise colors the […]

Mossy waterfall

There are countless amazing rivers, streams, creeks and waterfalls in Bhutan, but many are inaccessible due to the extremely steep terrain. Most of the larger rivers are torrents in the rainy season, and thus the rocks are without any moss as they are sand and rock blasted by the friction of what the water brings […]

Rhododendron arboretum

Sometimes things happen in the blink of an eye, and is in addition completely unexpected. I had stopped at this location to capture an amazingly beautiful Rhododendron growing out of a sheer cliff – almost dangling in the air – like a Bonsai tree. Twisted trunk and full of red flowers. No matter which angle […]

Silhouette Island, Seychelles

During my stay on Silhouette Island I experienced many amazing dawns and dusks, with dramatic cloudscapes and beautiful colors. But just days before, the island had experienced weeks of heavy rain and grey skies! The day I arrived seemed to be the last of it, as it poured down during my check-in. As the days […]

Silhouette Island, Seychelles

Silhouette Island, Seychelles More than 90% of this island is protected, and only a small slice of land on the eastern shores is developed. Walk the trails or alongside the shores and you will be completely alone and in a truly amazing setting. The foreground in this image is a reminder of what is the […]

Praslin, Seychelles

Every moment is unique. Every sunset is unique. My moment on this beach right outside my room in Praslin was that of “I’m so tired I simply have no energy to carry my gear to a sunset location with awesome granite boulders, only to take a quick look right outside my room. Just me and […]

Praslin, Seychelles

Once upon a time Seychelles was part of the Gondwana supercontinent but now the granite islands are resting on the isolated North Seychelles Bank. All around is an abyss thousands of meters deep. Indeed Seychelles is an island domain above as well as below the ocean surface. The granite boulders look smooth and inviting from […]

Megalong Valley Road, Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains is mostly known for its waterfalls and sheer cliffs, but is so much more. Wherever you go, wherever you look, there is something amazing and unique. It’s all about being present! As I was driving down towards the valley from Blackheath, I was amazed by the lushness of the forest and the beauty […]

Pulpit Hill Creek, Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

A trickle today – a torrent tomorrow. There are many majestic waterfalls in this park. But those are only so during times of plenty. During my stay, at the beginning of autumn, water was rising ever so slowly in the rivers and streams, but not enough to make amazing waterfall vistas. That said, there are […]

Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains is famous and visited by many, and now by me. I expected to see mountains, but was disappointed as the landscape was just hills – even as I entered Katoomba. Elevation-wise it’s not really very high, around a thousand metres, but with mountains in its name I had expectations of peaks. It is […]

Blue Mountains National park

I had only 3 nights here in the Blue Mountains, and a limit to how much I could explore during that time. Thus I selected spots close to my hotel, and revisited these spots at different times of day. This very spot was just a few hundred meters from the hotel, and I went down […]

Blue Mountains National Park

The Three Sisters of Blue Mountain National Park is perhaps the most known of all landmarks in the park, but for the most part seen from a distance. And from a distance they look very interesting to climb, but alas! Up close it becomes clear that they are quite a challenge for novices, and the […]

Blue Mountains National Park

This morning started with dense fog and no promise of any sun rays. I was greeted with lots of bird sounds, but nothing to see. As the morning progressed, I could see glimpses of sun, and within minutes the top cloud layer cracked open. I decided to walk closer to the famous three sisters and […]

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains National Park, Australia.

My first morning in this amazing national park was that of utter gloom as the clouds were hanging all the way to the ground – as fog. Weather changes quickly up here, so I was not deterred and just as I arrived at the lookout point I was greeted with lots of loud Sulphur-crested cockatoos […]

2016 solar eclipse

This might appear like any other landscape photo of a gorgeous tropical location, but this image is in fact displaying some of the last effects (and prior to totality) of the eclipse that many miss after they have seen a total solar eclipse. Crescent sunbeams under trees! Even I almost forgot to look for these […]

2016 solar eclipse

This photo is right before the end of totality, and I remember how I was taken completely by surprise when the sun re-appeared – “is it over already?”, I thought – I ran like mad to my other camera to complete the shots there. A solar eclipse has once again lead me to a place […]

Raja Ampat twilight

The amazing thing about the total solar eclipse of 2016 is that on my way to see it I got to see so many amazing islands in the north east of Indonesia. As the day approached I reached more and more remote areas, and the location seen here is called Wayag. It’s perhaps the most […]

Wayag dusk

I was hoping to have some moments on a nearby beach to enjoy and photograph the sunset, but it was aborted due to some disturbing news from a sister ship full of NASA people. They had just analysed their multiple feeds on weather and atmospheric data, and arrived at the conclusion that our planned north-eastern […]

Wayag afternoon

Amazingly this is the rainy season! The strong El Nino has changed it all. On an overcast day this sight is also wonderful, but the colors dull and faded. I would very much have liked to stay up here during sunset or sunrise! Perhaps not strong blues, but how this would have been in the […]

Wayag dawn

Dawn at the stunning Wayag, perhaps the most photographed site in all of Raja Ampat! This is the day before the total solar eclipse, and still the location we will see it is not decided – it’s all about the weather which for some reason seems to be clogging up to overcast in our prime […]

Kawe sunset with Indonesian friends

I was the only passenger on this journey through the amazing archipelago of Raja Ampat that did not dive. I had to focus on two activities per day – dusk and dawn. To help facilitate sceneries other than what can be seen from the boat, I was swiftly transported to nearby islands I selected when […]

Kawe sunset

The reds of sunrise and sunset are so short lived in the tropics compared to my regular Scandinavian latitudes, where it can linger on for hours. This amazing cloudscape lasted just a few minutes, and then the sky rapidly turned dark. This location (the island of Kawe) is one of many extraordinarily beautiful beaches on […]

Raja Ampat evening light

This location (the island of Kawe) is one of many extraordinarily beautiful beaches on the myriads of islands off the coast of Sorong of West Papua, Indonesia. This beach was a narrow one, and the tide was quickly rising during my short stay here. The sad thing was that the remaining dry land was littered […]

Raja Ampat sunset

The extraordinarily strong El Nino this year has made the western Pacific much drier than in a normal year, and at this time I would normally have experienced lots of rain and a grey sky. This has also been the reason why I decided to visit Raja Ampat in the West Papua region of Indonesia […]

Raja Ampat – dawn at the next dive site

The two rocks seen in the background is the location for the next dive, this day’s first dive. I’m on one of many boats that service the many tourists that come here to experience the amazing marine diversity around the countless islands, reefs and islets here. I am not here to dive, though! This boat […]

Sunset on a tiny Indonesian island II

With my long lens I was able to capture some local fishing boats catching supper. The Raja Ampat archipelago houses a diverse and protected marine life only these locals are allowed to harvest from. Even if I or those serving tourists run out of food, we would not be allowed to catch or even purchase […]

Sunset on a tiny Indonesian island

I was lucky to reach this tiny island just before sunset, so I had time to find a good location for shooting the remaining light and colors of this day. It’s a densely populated island with no room to spare from what I could see, and as it is a flat island they have a […]