I look back on an incredible journey to Socotra and why it is so important to follow your heart.

Socotra is a place so special you can hardly believe what you see.

I had such a strong pull to this island but found only warnings and uncertainty, yet I felt this deep urgency to go there. After a long and deep period of research and waiting I finally found myself on my way.

One of my first words to my local guide was that I had felt this unusual urgency to come.

As before in my life I have followed my inner light and found myself in the most incredible situations. One of my first experience was at the age of 11 when I was caught in an avalanche where two adults died. There, just as two tunnels met and the adults greeted each other, I felt the strongest pull to get out. Just as if someone on the outside called for me. As I quickly crawl to get outside I hear a creaking sound, before everything moved and got dark. I was able to dig myself out, but the adults further in died.

As for Socotra I left just days before the gruelling war began. At Sanaa Airport black US vehicles were strewn around and left there with all doors open as if they had fled in a hurry.

Just weeks later I realise that a tumor (Hodgkins lymphoma) was growing in my body during my Socotra adventure and as a result I would not have been able to go even if possible.

If you ever wonder about your next step, look inside. The answer is within, and each time you listen and respond you know yourself a bit more, and with it comes freedom.

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