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Golden langur (Trachypithecus geei)

Yesterday I passed this very spot, and had what I thought an amazing encounter with this group of langurs, preparing for the night. I was on my way back to the hotel, and was stopping here to photograph the rising moon. Instead I found this group of langurs and completely dropped the idea of shooting […]

Fire-tailed sunbird (Aethopyga ignicauda)

Driving ever higher, seeing more and more frost from last night, together with larger and larger patches of snow, one might not expect to see such lavishly colored birds. At least not so small – which means there must be lots of nectar producing plants up here to provide sufficient energy to stay in shape. […]

Praslin, Seychelles

Once upon a time Seychelles was part of the Gondwana supercontinent but now the granite islands are resting on the isolated North Seychelles Bank. All around is an abyss thousands of meters deep. Indeed Seychelles is an island domain above as well as below the ocean surface. The granite boulders look smooth and inviting from […]

Ekorn / Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)

This summer has been the most fun in all the years I’ve lived here, when it comes to squirrels. For some reason at least two female squirrels have made nests in the trees on my property and raised their litters here. One day they were all out, and it was crawling with tiny and ultra […]

Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus)

My close encounter with the population of walrus on the eastern side of the White Island (Kvitøya) was magical! First and foremost the sheer numbers, as this is a species that has been so severely hunted in the past that it was headed for extinction. For this reason it was protected in Norway in 1952. […]

Polar bear (Ursus maritimus)

Polar bear (Ursus maritimus)

Mother and cub checking out new possibilities on the summer sea ice north of Spitsbergen. They evoke so many feelings in humans, and I am no exception, as I simply cannot help myself and say “aaaww” when I look at the cub in the image. But during the encounter my heart was filled with awe, […]

Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus)

Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus)

These clumsy and fat mammals on land are amazingly fast and agile in the ocean! This encounter by the Seven Islands (Sjuøyane), Svalbard is from a zodiac, and they swam towards us to check us out as if this was a strange and much larger than usual member of their species. They even swam underneath […]

Blåbær (Vaccinium myrtillus)

Den kjølige våren ble avløst av en drøy uke med sommertemperaturer før den igjen ble erstattet av kjøligere vær – akkurat når blåbærblomstringen begynte. En lang blomstring og mange humler kan bety en flott blåbærhøst – om da ikke tiden frem til modning blir ispedd lengre perioder med tørke og varme. Da blir det kun […]

2016 solar eclipse

In this shot you can see something amazing that is only possible to see the few seconds before and after totality – when the sun is but a tiny point or line of light – shadow lines! You can see them as small lines in the lower half of the image where the sun is […]

Wayag afternoon

Amazingly this is the rainy season! The strong El Nino has changed it all. On an overcast day this sight is also wonderful, but the colors dull and faded. I would very much have liked to stay up here during sunset or sunrise! Perhaps not strong blues, but how this would have been in the […]

Raja Ampat evening light

This location (the island of Kawe) is one of many extraordinarily beautiful beaches on the myriads of islands off the coast of Sorong of West Papua, Indonesia. This beach was a narrow one, and the tide was quickly rising during my short stay here. The sad thing was that the remaining dry land was littered […]

Sunset on a tiny Indonesian island

I was lucky to reach this tiny island just before sunset, so I had time to find a good location for shooting the remaining light and colors of this day. It’s a densely populated island with no room to spare from what I could see, and as it is a flat island they have a […]

2015 total solar eclipse

This total eclipse of the sun was very hard to see from land as only the islands of Svalbard and Faroe was in the path of totality. Just 3 days before the eclipse I decided to go to Svalbard! One because the weather forecast was good, and much better than that of the Faroe, but […]

Socotra bottle tree (Adenium obesum ssp. socotranum)

This is the iconic and endemic bottle tree, or desert rose of Socotra – Adenium obesum ssp. socotranum. When you find one in bloom like this one you simply cannot resist taking a closer look. It is an amazing sight to see the lushness and bright colors in a landscape of dryness – it’s like […]

Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus)

Although this species seems common on Socotra, it is in fact threatened throughout its range due to human chemicals like pesticide, antibiotics and heavy metals like lead. I don’t know the status and health of the Socotri population, but they do bread, and I found several young birds. Perhaps the worst case of human impact […]

Somali starling (Onychognathus blythii)

This female Somali starling is in the middle of a morning preening and beauty session on the beautiful Shuab beach of Socotra. Ruffling the feathers and looking around for either her companion or prospects is an important part of the morning ritual – perhaps like we do when looking in a mirror, except its mirror […]

Socotra sunset silhouettes

The island of Socotra is like no other place on earth when it comes to beauty, but perhaps most of all because of all the flora and fauna that exist only on this island! It makes it all so fragile and vulnerable. Fortunately the war on mainland Yemen is but a faraway problem, as this […]

Fireflies of Madre de Dios

I stayed many days deep in the Peruvian Amazon, in the biodiverse Madre de Dios region where life is abundant every second of every hour of the day and night. The nights are pitch black and intense with sounds and scents, and only the full moon in a cloudless night will provide rays of light […]

Ladder-tailed nightjar (Hydropsalis climacocerca)

Here in the Peruvian Amazon I found many nightjars around an oxbow lake at Amazon Research and Conservation Center (ARCC), and this one was perched in plain sight quite far out on the lake. They are so well camouflaged, that only when you know the anatomy of trees and branches will you suspect a perched […]

Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin)

The iconic Hoatzin is a strange looking bird as well as in behaviour, but it’s also beautiful I think. It’s like no other bird! It raises the head plume as seen here when excited – by each other or passers by like me. Nice hairdo! This is from the Amazon Research and Conservation Center (ARCC) […]

Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon at Amazon Research and Conservation Center (ARCC) I visited this oxbow lake where a tiny family of giant otters have managed to raise 3 young to the stage where they are weaned and have become quite the nuisance as they still want food for free. The young otter is making […]

Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin)

I’m fascinated by these prehistoric-like birds of the Amazon rainforest – they are like no other bird! They can hardly fly, they sound like a magpie stuck on the first note during the day, and they sound otherworldly at night especially around full moon. Here they’re temporarily perched on a fallen tree in the oxbow […]

Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park

This is a tiny fraction of the plateau which is the water source for Pantanal in Brazil – the largest wetland in the world. A major reason this has managed to stand against the forces of agricultural interests is the incredible rock formations and sheer cliffs, of which only a tiny portion is seen in […]

Neotropic Cormorant (Phalacrocorax brasilianus)

This is a critical moment for the cormorant. It’s a large fish and from my vantage point it seems unlikely it would swallow it. If it struggles too long, other birds might try to steal it. If it swims into the vegetation, it could be attacked by a caiman. It’s fascinating how a bird can […]

Cat’s-eye Sapphire (Lasaia arsis)

I’ve shot this several times before, but I just can’t help myself – and this shot I think really shows the splendor of this species! Aperture: ƒ/16 Camera: NIKON D3S Focal length: 210mm ISO: 1600 Shutter speed: 1/320 s

Marsh Deer (Blastocerus dichotomus)

Fazenda San Fransico is around 150 square kilometres large, and around 50% of it is left wild! Basically all the higher areas are used for farming, and the lower – the floodplains – are left untouched. This is the foundation for a huge variety of wildlife, and the now rare marsh deer is one that […]

Refugio Los Volcanes, Amboró National Park

I was lucky to see these incredibly beautiful and unique mountains on my way in and out of the reserve! In the rainy season you might not see anything but clouds here. There is no other way to get a view like this from inside the park – the sheer cliffs make all the peaks […]

Long-tailed Potoo (Nyctibius aethereus)

This bird is so well camouflaged that even though you know what to look for you will easily miss it. As a visitor you’ll need help from the locals, as their daily routines interact with its way of life, and the observant locals will at one time or another see it. In this case it […]

Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin)

It was perched in such a nice position and light, as if it wanted me to take a picture. Usually they prefer some distance, and if the comfort zone is about to be breached, they flap wings and turn around like if in a weird sort of ballet. This one was just watching silently (!)

Star trails over the Siloli desert

This is just a few kilometres from the Chilean border and here the sleeping and lodging options are almost non-existent, and being so remote and in a desert you’d never expect to find it either, except that there is one decent option here called Tayka del Desierto. This high-altitude service is where I gazed in […]

Rød jonsokblom (Silene dioica), spp. alba

Dette er eneste lokasjonen i området jeg har funnet krysning mellom rød og hvit jonsokblom. Til gjengjeld har den en god vokseplass langs grusveien i Sandbukta, og vil kanskje fortsette og krysse seg, da krysningen er like formeringsdyktig som sitt hvite og røde opphav. Jeg synes faktisk at denne er penere enn “foreldrene”, med sin […]

Yanacocha Reserve

At this time of the day the sun is high in the sky and should have warmed up the landscape – instead the clouds are flowing thick and moist, filtering out most of the light. Altitude 3560 metres. Aperture: ƒ/11 Camera: NIKON D700 ISO: 640

Sword-billed Hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera)

This hummingbird simply defies logic and forces of nature! Despite the enormous length of the beak, it flies just like any other humming bird – except perhaps a bit more tweaking to fit the beak into the flower or feeding port. Altitude 2706 metres. Aperture: ƒ/5.6 Camera: NIKON D3S ISO: 2500