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Ficus cordata ssp. salicifolia

Like so many plant species on Socotra, this species can get a foothold on bare rock!

Strangler Fig (Ficus americana)

The way the the strangler figs spread the constrictive “tentacles” around the palm’s trunk is as artistic to the casual viewer as it’s deadly to the host. This tree is out in the open, with plenty of light, which sometimes saves the tree, as light and soil is what the fig requires, it should not […]

Strangler Fig (Ficus americana)

I found a great number of strangler figs on palm trees during my stay at Pousada Xaraés. The fig seemed specialized on palm trees – like a subspecies, but I’m unable to find confirmation for this. This individual is growing around a tree on lower ground, and will be way under water during the wet […]