Yesterday I passed this very spot, and had what I thought an amazing encounter with this group of langurs, preparing for the night. I was on my way back to the hotel, and was stopping here to photograph the rising moon. Instead I found this group of langurs and completely dropped the idea of shooting the moon.

The morning after (this morning) we went back along the same road, and the langurs were still there! How amazing!

They were taking it very slow and were in no hurry to do anything it seemed. Even the young ones were just hanging out with their buddies, and the adults were grouped together on one side. Here you see two mothers and their very young ones . In the back are most likely one or more mothers with their young ones as well.

It was such a peaceful group, at least during my two encounters. No squabbling, fights or loud vocalisations. Just lots of touching, hugs, eye contact and just sitting together – young or old.

Elevation: 220 meters

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