Peruvian Antpitta (Grallaricula peruviana)

The lodge currently has two antpitta feeding stations, and this one is by far the darkest and most difficult, as the Peruvians are wary and small. This translates to a great distance (focus distance is 15 metres) between where the worms are placed and where I can stand. Although it’s 08:13 in the morning, it’s cloudy, so there is very little light. In fact I had a hard time seeing them with my naked eye, and zooming in the photo on the camera was the only way for me to see clearly what they were.

In contrast to the other antpittas, the Peruvian was very quick to pick worms and run off, so I had a very short window of opportunity. As I was waiting a long time before they appeared and close to written off any encounter I am really grateful to have seen a male and female in one shot. This antpitta is after all near threatened due to habitat loss.

If you are unable to see the local antpittas – learn their songs , as the sound is strong and sometimes otherwordly.

It sounds like this:

Altitude 2107 metres.


Last updated on 19 July 2021