Yellow-breasted Antpitta (Grallaria flavotincta)

According to Angel Paz we arrived a bit late (09:00 being the latest this Antpitta would respond to “hails”, which was our time of arrival at this location). It was not certain we would see it at all.

He called for 15-20 minutes and I was certain it was too late. Then it just appeared and accepted Angel’s worms and we could take photos of this small bird – barely visible far down the side of the road.

Without Angels efforts most of these elusive, and some of them rare birds, would not have been very known or photographed. When you google Giant, Yellow breasted or Moustached Antpitta a large percentage of the images and articles are from Angel Paz’ reserve.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring my telephoto lens, so with a 150 mm the quality is most definitely not what it should and could have been.

More about Angel Paz and his reserve Paz de las Aves

It sounds like this:


Last updated on 19 July 2021