Equatorial Antpitta (Grallaria saturata)

Many of the antpitta species have incredible vocal abilities, and the rufous antpitta is one of those. They live in dense forests where the reach of sound is severely limited by the dense vegetation. Thus is must deliver sound waves reaching far and wide.

Yet, as with many species, it also have tender, mellow and soft vocalizations only available to those close encounters. Take time and listen to all the recordings listed below, and you will understand what I mean, and why I’m captivated by their incredible vocals.

Equatorial Antpitta (Grallaria saturata)

It sounds like this:

Its “slo-mo” segment:

Its “full speed” segment:

Its “purring” segment:

Here’s a few other variants:

Elevation: 3089 meters

Last updated on 12 April 2022