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Lysende nattskyer - Noctilucent clouds

Lysende nattskyer – Noctilucent clouds

Lysende nattskyer er noe som kun kan sees i sommermånedene, og bare rundt 50-70 grader nord og sør, men som likevel ikke er vanlige å se. Dette er skyer som er svært høyt til skyer å være – opptil 85 km høyde, og som derfor reflekterer sollyset når den er rett under horisonten og det […]

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) over Oslo

Amazing northern lights over Oslo tonight! Winter solstice is just hours away, and this must be the most amazing way to celebrate that the long nights soon, and very slowly, will get shorter and shorter. I was looking forward to many hours of auroras, but alas, clouds suddenly moved in from the south and thus […]

2015 lunar eclipse

What an amazing night!! Perfect conditions due to a high pressure system. No wind, and no significant clouds during totality. After totality and towards dawn, lots of high clouds appeared. Totality was incredibly dark, and is the darkest I’ve ever seen. Lunar eclipses cannot compare to a solar eclipses, but this one I will remember […]

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) over Oslo

Clear skies and auroras two days in a row! Wow! That’s truly rare, but nonetheless wonderful. The air was very damp and the glow from the city lights is quite something else than during a windy and dry night. Hopefully there will be more clear skies during the equinox, as that is a favorable time […]

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) over Oslo

Finally a moonless aurora night!! Even within the dome of Oslo’s light pollution this was a great display. Hopefully there will be more clear skies and auroras as we approach equinox.

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) over Oslo

A very busy couple of days Aurora-wise, and the second time for me since since the Perseids the 13th! Without the bright moon this would have been an amazing display for us at 60 degrees north.

2015 Perseids and northern lights over Oslo

What an incredible number of coincidences in one night! First of all a clear night – a rarity this summer! Add the first aurora borealis after the bright summer nights and a fireball into the mix, and you have the 2015 Perseids seen from inside the light pollution of Oslo! A close-up of the biggest […]

Noctilucent clouds over Oslo

Last summer was sunny and warm, and many of the nights were filled with these mysterious night-shining clouds. This summer has been a cool, cloudy and unstable one, with very few clear nights. This night has been the only one so far with a great display worth photographing, and also only the second display I’ve […]

Skant sunset, Socotra

Skant sunset, Socotra

Skant is the highest point of the Haghier mountains of Socotra – more than 1500 meters high! This is the last leg of my 14 day Socotra journey, and how lucky I was! During the first week of my visit all of the Haghier mountains was shrouded in thick clouds, and now I’m on top […]

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

I did’t have high expectations tonight due to the full moon, but I set up my camera to do timelapse. To my surprise there was a great ouburst just minutes after I set up the camera, and I missed all of it because I opted to go indoors and let the camera do its job! […]

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

A crisp and clear night with freezing winds, and a very bright moon! A moon this bright is very bad for watching stars as well as northern lights. Perhaps in the far north where the light is always very bright, the moonshine could add a wonderful dimension to the auroras, but here far to the […]

Madre de Dios star trails

I stayed many days deep in the Peruvian Amazon, in the biodiverse Madre de Dios region where life is abundant every second of every hour of the day and night. The nights are pitch black and intense with sounds and scents, and only the full moon in a cloudless night will provide rays of light […]

Noctilucent clouds over Oslo

Yet another incredible outburst of noctilucent clouds, and still only the beginning of July! The timelapse spans 1500 exposures from 00:50-02:30. Weatherforecast is good, so hopefully several more displays to come. These wonderfully bright tendrils and swirls are only possible during the months of late May to beginning of August, but July is by far […]

Noctilucent clouds over Oslo

I’ve been watching the sky every night so far this summer and only seen very vague hints of noctilucent clouds. Last year I did not see any at all. This time I didn’t have to walk outside to check, that’s how strong this display was. I was watching TV, and just glanced out of the […]

Star trails over Oslo

Even though the night sky is heavily polluted by the lights of Oslo and its suburbs, there are many stars visible to the naked eye only a few kilometres out of the city, like here from Svartskog. Even more so when using a camera with long exposure and high iso. This is due north, which […]

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

After a long, gloomy and most of all cloudy winter, spring has arrived and with it longer days and finally clear skies! At 60 degrees north, the chances of seeing northern lights are small as the majority occurs below the northern horizon and even if above it’s so dim you must know what too look […]

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

What amazing luck – just a couple days after my trip to Brazil I experience this! What an amazing winter this could be…. Unfortunately I missed the beginning of the display, and the lights were only dim and intermittent until dawn. Many months laster it became very clear how lucky I was, as this winter […]

Oslo night sky – waiting for the northern lights

Catching the Aurora Borealis is perhaps easy in the northern parts of Norway or in general around the Arctic Circle, but at 60 degrees north where Oslo resides it’s another matter entirely. Only the strongest magnetic storms will light up the sky to zenith, and even then the event could be missed as some “shows” […]

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

The moon is adding a lot of light to this vista of a calm ocean and an almost cloudless sky. Just a few seconds later and it’s all changed and moved across half the sky. It moved so incredibly fast! This was in fact the only strong lights during this almost 2 hour long timelapse:


Noen ganger ser det ut til at cumulusskyene vil bygge seg opp til tordenskyer (Cumulonimbus), og det ville vært veldig spennende å få en timelapse av det. Denne gangen ble det med håpet, for sky etter sky bygget seg opp for så å synke sammen. Dermed ble dette kun en timelapse av cumulusskyenes bevegelser over […]

Noctilucent Clouds

Every clear night I hope to see these wonderful clouds seen only during the short summer weeks. At 60 degrees north the sky is too bright in June, so if they are present they are only vaguely visible. In July the sky has darkened sufficiently for these super high clouds to really stand out and […]

Northern lights (Aurora borealis)

The Bunnefjord (the sibling of the Oslo fjord) has now been frozen over for many weeks and the ice is thicker than in many years. This night was without any clouds and it was incredible to be able to walk on the fjord as the moon was rising in the east. As I was walking […]

Chalalan thundercloud and time-lapse

The moon almost full, almost clear sky and stars visible in the moonlight and a growing thundercloud – all mixed in with a soundscape so loud and varied that I have decided to purchase a proper recording device so I can share it in the future. The moonlit nights are special in many ways, but […]

Salar de Uyuni starry sky time-lapse

At this time of year the Milkyway is not as prominent as in the summer months, but there are so many stars to be seen at any time of year at this altitude and in particular in the dry air of the dry season when this was shot. This is a 23 second time-lapse spanning […]

Star trails over Salar de Uyuni

Traveling around the huge salt flats of Salar de Uyuni is no easy task, as the distances are vast and you have to bring all you need including gas for the car, as well as find the very few places you can sleep at night. The humans living on the edge of the salt flats […]

Star trails over the Siloli desert

This is just a few kilometres from the Chilean border and here the sleeping and lodging options are almost non-existent, and being so remote and in a desert you’d never expect to find it either, except that there is one decent option here called Tayka del Desierto. This high-altitude service is where I gazed in […]

Northern lights (Aurora borealis)

Finally some intense auroas AND clear skies! It seemed at first to be only a dim band high in the northern sky, but at around 23:15 local time (21:15 UT) a sudden burst in intensity and spread! It covered all of the sky up to and a bit beyond zenith. This time lapse spans more […]

August brings noctilucent clouds

A summer with absolutely no noctilucent clouds in July! The few nights with clear skies passed with little sign of them. The other nights were more or less 100% cloudy. Now the dark nights are coming back, marking the near end of possible sightings. The weather forecast is good for the next few days, so […]

The best noctilucent show of the season?

Tonight’s Noctilucent cloud show was fast moving, bright and spectacular. Watching it is one thing, but a time-lapse of many hundreds of exposures is a totally different matter. By playing back as a movie you can see how the ripples and waves are moving, as well as how the NLCs are moving in a totally […]

A glimpse of noctilucent clouds

After more than a week of cloud cover, tonight started with a very bright and widespread display of NLCs. It was far south on the sky and ranged all the way to the northwest/northeast. Only a few times have I seen NLCs go further south than zenith. As the sky was clear I assumed it […]

First strong noctilucent clouds of the summer

Finally a strong display of NLCs! After a heavy thunderstorm the clouds slowly dissipated and revealed NLCs. They were mostly ripples this time – like sand in the shallow seas or the sand dunes of a desert. NLCs are really great as a photo, but simply awesome as a time-lapse.