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2015 Perseids and northern lights over Oslo

What an incredible number of coincidences in one night! First of all a clear night – a rarity this summer! Add the first aurora borealis after the bright summer nights and a fireball into the mix, and you have the 2015 Perseids seen from inside the light pollution of Oslo! A close-up of the biggest […]

Salar de Uyuni and The Magellanic Clouds

This was an incredibly windy and cold night, and it was really hard to find a place away from the wind to set up the camera for long exposures. Even with my down jacket, woolen socks, long johns and gloves, I simply had to leave the camera behind and go back to my room to […]

Nevado Sajama

Bolivias highest mountain – 6542 metres high – facing south. What a magnificent moment – the Large Magellanic cloud right above Sajama, the Milkyway to the left and a meteor! The dawn is just minutes away, and the first photons of light are flowing in from the rising sun (to the far left of the […]

Draconid meteors and Northern lights (Aurora borealis)

The Draconid meteors are generally faint, so with a near full moon the amount seen this night were few and far between. Being inside the huge dome of Oslo’s light pollution adds to the overall dimming of the meteors. I saw mostly very faint “blips”, and once in a very long while some bright streaks […]

Draconid meteors

This is a composite of 14 exposures that all contain one or more Draconids, making the dotted star trails. As Oslo and the near full moon strongly pollutes the dark sky, a full long exposure star trail scenario would simply add too many air planes and light too see the faint meteors. Most of the […]