Peucedanum cordatum

The vertical cliffs of Socotra are very important safe havens for many plant species on Socotra as there they are safe from goats. Thus they are able to grow and disperse seeds.

Unfortunately this individual was growing within reach for the goats, and as a result it has been thoroughly browsed. There are a few seeds developing, so perhaps they will be dispersed when mature.

How the seeds are able to move to higher places on the wall I do not know, but the only way to get there is by birds or the winds.

The fruits are rounded-elliptic and flattened, with broad wings, a distinct feature of this species. When not fruiting, it is often possible to compare the shape of the leaves to mature neighboring individuals, as this species is often found in good numbers in favorable habitats.


Elevation: 401 meters.

Last updated on 19 March 2023