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Children of the neelakurinji

Barefoot, these kids are climbing a very special mountainside behind their Ooty village. For the first time in their lives the hill has become purple with flowers, and the next time this will happen, they will be 12 years older. Just about 8 times per century does this species produce flowers – 12 years in […]

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland & Manipur

A true valley of flowers! From afar the valley looks like a green carpet, but as you come closer you notice more and more color hues. When you finally reach the valley floor you will see an incredible density of plants and an amazing diversity of species – each blooming at a different time of […]

Lord Howe Island Bodyboarder

Waiting for that next big one! When the tide and direction of the wind is right for Lord Howe Island’s Blinky Beach, surfers rush here to take advantage it. Lord Howe Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of those rare places that will never be crowded with people as there is cap of […]

Lord Howe Island Bodyboarder

Knowing when to expect big surfs is one thing, but taking advantage of them when they do arrive is another. You might not see any great waves during your stay, or find out that when you were hiking the interior, there were amazing surfs lasting just a couple of hours. Locals know this all too […]

Lord Howe Island Surfer

The clarity and color of the sea here on Lord Howe Island’s Blinky Beach is absolutely stunning, and when waves are rolling in you can see the turquoise stand bright against the froth of the breaking waves when the sun is low and at a favorable angle. I have seen these colors in the arctic, […]

2016 Solar eclipse

2016 solar eclipse

This photo is right before the end of totality, and I remember how I was taken completely by surprise when the sun re-appeared – “is it over already?”, I thought – I ran like mad to my other camera to complete the shots there. A solar eclipse has once again lead me to a place […]

Kawe sunset with Indonesian friends

I was the only passenger on this journey through the amazing archipelago of Raja Ampat that did not dive. I had to focus on two activities per day – dusk and dawn. To help facilitate sceneries other than what can be seen from the boat, I was swiftly transported to nearby islands I selected when […]

The best events are free!

The beauty of the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia is breathtaking and should in itself be enough to leave the smartphone in your cabin. When a moment like this just happens by itself, the best way is to just sit an enjoy it like these people do – fellow eclipse chasers and wonderful people that […]

Raja Ampat – dawn at the next dive site

The two rocks seen in the background is the location for the next dive, this day’s first dive. I’m on one of many boats that service the many tourists that come here to experience the amazing marine diversity around the countless islands, reefs and islets here. I am not here to dive, though! This boat […]

Campfire on top of Socotra

Campfire on top of Socotra

On top of Socotra, at 1500 meters above sea level, you are open to the elements, which often is fog and mist, which makes it very cold after sunset. This evening was a mix of clouds moving in and clear and dark skies, yet it was very cold, and a campfire made all the difference! […]

Archer sand dunes, Socotra

Archer sand dunes, Socotra

The sand dunes of Archer are popular with visitors. Some climb them for the view. Others to see the unique flora, and some like to slide down the sand dunes on a board! One thing is certain – a lift is not coming anytime soon!

Socotra fishermen at Archer

Socotra fishermen at Archer

This morning more than 10 skiffs were swarming around this area to catch fish. It looked rather disorganized to me, but I saw they throw their nests, barter fish, and then go back around the north cape of Socotra. It was over in less than an hour, around 7 in the morning.