This evening I was hoping to encounter many interesting fungi and perhaps even flowers in the forest west of Bom Bom islet where I had found so many amazing species so far. From the islet the forest looks pristine and untouched, but as I walked the trail I soon realized it was second growth forest and the forest floor was monotonous and had no rotting trees or branches.

Instead I walked off the trail, out of the forest and to the rugged and rocky beach and the pounding waves, hoping to find a good place to capture the colors of the upcoming sunset.

I found many tidal pools, some being emptied and refilled by the incoming tide, and others calm like mirrors – still out of reach by the sea and with many lovely sea creatures to behold.

I found this spot and enjoyed the soothing winds keeping the mosquitos at bay and me perfectly air conditioned. As I set up my tripod and camera a tiny Principe kingfisher (Corythornis cristatus nais), which you can see in my previous post, flies into the scene right in front of me and just sit sits there. Such a lovely moment in such a beautiful place with the soft tones of a setting sun. I did consider changing my lens to get a nice capture, but sometimes it is best to simply observe and enjoy the moment.

Being in the rainy season seeing a sunset in the end of the day is anyone’s guess. I had hoped for some nice clouds for the sunset as the partly cloudy sky seemed to be stable, and this time I must say I was in luck as the distribution and variety of clouds was really nice. I experienced other sunsets that quickly changed into rain, so I was grateful for this walk and the kingfisher, even though my main objective finding fungi was a disappointment.

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