Raja Ampat sunset

The extraordinarily strong El Nino this year has made the western Pacific much drier than in a normal year, and at this time I would normally have experienced lots of rain and a grey sky. This has also been the reason why I decided to visit Raja Ampat in the West Papua region of Indonesia to see the total solar eclipse for 2016.

This amazingly beautiful sunset is the second so far on this journey, and makes me so grateful that I can be on a boat that takes me to such amazingly beautiful locations. This is shot from a tiny island with a coral lagoon inside it, and is only accessible by a small boat through a tiny passage during high tide. Otherwise one must fight the waves on the south western side and risk damaging the boat on the sharp corals and rocks on that side. Otherwise this island is a fortress of razor sharp limestone or karst.

Last updated on 13 March 2024