Mørkfiolett slørsopp | Violet webcap (Cortinarius violaceus)

This year the autumn has a very special event – a profusion of species and numbers of fungi. It’s like a secret festival of the fungi realm, and we better watch, as this might not happen in a very, very long time.

This has added a new dimension to this transitional time between summer and autumn here, as the forest floor is now the focus of colors and diversity of shapes and life attracted to them – a veritable fungi carnival!

Not far from here, a mushroom hunter managed to pick 207 kilos (456 lbs) in 24 hours – take a look at this – a trunk full of mushrooms.

I am only interested in capturing unique specimens with my camera and have noticed many pickers tipping over beautiful specimens, but fortunately this is not a well known or popular area for hikers or outdoor enthusiasts, so I can walk to the places only the locals go to and find completely undisturbed locales.

This beautiful species has a velvety cap that is repelling water, thus making it dry even in rain!

I was about to walk over to this location today, but then heavy rain showers made me postpone. When the rain passed I went over to see how the fungi were doing. Everything was soaked and water was constantly dripping from the spruce and the other tree species. All the mushrooms had shiny and watery caps, except for this species.

Not only does it have an amazing color, but for some reason it prefers a dry cap!

It is edible, but I’d say no thanks!

Last updated on 7 October 2021