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Sandlo - Common ringed plover (Charadrius hiaticula)

Sandlo – Common ringed plover (Charadrius hiaticula)

Dette er første møte med denne arten på Fyrsteilene for meg. Jeg satt stille og rolig mens den kom nærmere og nærmere meg i sin søken etter mat i fjæra. Sandloen hekker ikke på Fyrsteilene men arten kan sees her sporadisk. Den høres slik ut:

Pied Plover (Vanellus cayanus)

On some of the sandbanks I saw chicks, like this one. At first I only noticed the adults, but As I noticed they were not fleeing, but preferred to walk away from my prescence I figured there must be young ones nearby. This one looks so small and frail, but is perfectly capable of finding […]

Pied Plover (Vanellus cayanus)

Many of the larger sand banks were housing one or more families rearing their chicks. The chicks need to be able to fly soon, as even the highest sand banks could be submerged in the near future, as this is the beginning of the wet season. Heavy local rain storms, and most importantly in the […]