Pied Plover (Hoploxypterus cayanus)

Many of the larger sand banks were housing one or more pied plover (Hoploxypterus cayanus) families rearing their chicks. The chicks need to be able to fly soon, as even the highest sand banks could be submerged in the near future, as this is the beginning of the wet season.

Heavy local rain storms, and most importantly in the remote Chapadas make the water rise a little every day now.

As you can see by the dung this sand bank is also used by capybaras. This dung is visitied by butterflies and many other insects. All will be gone soon, and such is the rhythm of the Pantanal.

Pied Plover (Hoploxypterus cayanus)

It sounds like this:

Last updated on 23 June 2024