Angkalanthus oligophylla

This is one of several endemic plant species that is threatened with extinction on Socotra. The main threat is the huge numbers of goats, and their never ending need for grasses and other plants when the grasses are exhausted.

If the goats are not enough, the climate change has resulted in extremely destructive cyclones – unheard of here. In 2015 Socotra was hit in succession by cyclones Chapala and Megh that caused extreme destruction, and landslides that destroyed critically endangered species like this one. At one location an entire hillside was buried in rocks and debris, burying several other plants.

Fortunately there are initiatives that aim to save the species, and this individual is protected by Ahmed Adeeb Abdullah, who is heavily invested in protecting the flora of Socotra. So far it is unclear as to the viability as many of the endangered species are very hard to unlock when it comes to seed germination. Then there is the issue of pollination and formation of seeds that can germinate.


Details about cyclone Chapala
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Angkalanthus oligophylla

Angkalanthus oligophylla

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