Lavandula nimmoi

Lavandula nimmoi is a favorite of the goats of Socotra, so why is this one seemingly untouched? The winter rains of this season were good and have ensured plenty of juicy grasses, which is the the top choice of the Socotri goat. As soon as the grasses are exhausted they will start picking their next species on the list.

The only other way for a plant to avoid browsing is to grow in cracks of the vertical cliffs. This one is just not out of reach, and when you look a bit closer you can see where a goat has has a go at it.

There was plenty of this species growing to even larger size than this one on the ground below, so this location next to the vertical walls near Hoq cave will soon be a feast for the goats that reach here first.


Lavandula nimmoi

Last updated on 12 September 2023