Ekorn | Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)

This summer has been the most fun in all the years I’ve lived here, when it comes to squirrels.

For some reason at least two female squirrels have made nests in the trees on my property and raised their litters here.

One day they were all out, and it was crawling with tiny and ultra cute squirrlings everywhere. They were playing, testing and exploring. It was hilarious to watch.

One miscalculated a jump from one tree to the next and ended up on the ground. Not a sound for a second or so, then a piiip! I guess it was “mummy – I feel sorry for myself” in squirrel lingo. It then went straight up the tree it missed, so all was OK.

As they were crawling around they were meeting others every now and then, and here they are sniffing each other to verify that they are siblings or from the other litter. Judging from the mellow encounter, they were siblings.

Seconds later they were on their separate ways to explore the huge world that is my garden!

This is also the first year I have to compete for my plums, as they looove them, and with so many squirrels around they make a heavy impact on the crop.

Sandbukta, Svartskog, Akershus, Norway

Last updated on 14 May 2024