2016 solar eclipse

This might appear like any other landscape photo of a gorgeous tropical location, but this image is in fact displaying some of the last effects (and prior to totality) of the eclipse that many miss after they have seen a total solar eclipse. Crescent sunbeams under trees!

Even I almost forgot to look for these amazing effects from the eclipsed sun, as I was so in awe, emotional and grateful of the total solar eclipse that I had witnessed earlier. Not to mention the amazing beauty of the location.

Unfortunately I was lost for a while and thus managed only to get the very last of the eclipsed sun, and thus the effect is not so pronounced as it would have been 40 minutes ago. Adding to this fact the captain suddenly decided not to let me stay behind on the island while the rest of the group went diving, as he was afraid of the incoming low tide and the sharp rocks thus appearing.

I therefore had to run as if my life depended on it to this beautiful tree, set up my tripod as fast as I could and shoot.

The foliage of this tree was unfortunately not the ideal, as it was either very dense or had large gaps. Fortunately I caught several crested suns, in particular you can see them in the lower right – from the third leaf counting from the leaf on the lower right that is not covered by my logo. The crescent sun is pointing away towards the sea, like a banana or a crescent moon. Under a light foliage these crescent suns are much more apparent and can sometimes be in the hundreds!

When the moon is no longer covering parts of the sun, we will see dappled sunlight as we always do – no crescent – no banana!

Last updated on 13 March 2024