Archer sand dunes, Socotra

From afar these dunes look unimpressive, but nonetheless beautiful. It’s something of an abnormality to see sand dunes bordered by steep cliffs and the ocean – where does all the sand come from one might think.

Take a closer look and you’ll see two humans trying to climb it – they both sit in the photo, as they are exhausted.

It’s quite a bit more impressive when you have these human figures to compare with! In fact these dunes are many hundred meters high, and climbing them is very hard. I watched these two struggling for a long time. They only managed 4-5 steps before they dropped to the ground for a rest, then some more steps. It took ages for them to get to the top. But it is worth it as the views are simply something that you can only find here on Socotra!

Arher sand dunes, Socotra

Last updated on 24 February 2022