Ipomoea sinensis

The cliffs on the way to Shuab beach of west Socotra have lots of interesting seemingly inaccessible locations for goats. At least it looks that way from the ocean. As I climbed I saw the sign of goats everywhere, but fortunately many small plants were in bloom like this one. I later realized that goats are not the only animals eating flowers an fresh leaves on Socotra. The endemic skink does so too.

The time of blossom is short and erratic on Socotra. In one area a cloud can produce an intense shower, resulting in vitality and a boost of growth. A kilometer away not a drop would have fallen. Thus – the goats are on a continuous search of fresh growth and only accidentally small plants will fulfill a cycle and produce seeds. Locations like the cliffs on the way to Shuab are rather inconvenient, but accessible if the need for food is dire. This season has been wetter than normal, and thus more plants will produce seeds. At least in those areas that got the extra water.

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