My life as a dog on Anaa

My host had two dogs, and such harmonoius dogs! Being a total stranger I would suspect a greeting of loud barks and jumping to and fro. Not these dogs! Approaching them and simply giving attention and petting them was well received, with pure joy and friendliness in return. Most of the time they were just laying on the coral sand. After dinner, they were politely sitting outside, in the doorway, waiting for their share of the food. No jumping or running inside the house!

This location is many kilometers away from the house, and I was astonished that after perhaps 20 minutes, they came out of the blue – full of joy and panting like they were about to faint. They had ran all the way from the house, just to be with their familiy. To cool off they went straight for the water, and after a short time they were all play and fun again – chasing terns.

When we drove back, they immediately took off and ran alongside or in front of the car until they could not keep up. Back home it didn’t take long before they too were back – still full of joy and and no trace of being worn out. A quick dip in the ocean, some freshwater to quench the thirst and then flat out on the coral sand.

These dogs radiated joy, play, harmony and balance! A reflection on the humans they live with, and also one of many manifestations of beauty I experienced during the two short days I was fortunate to stay here.


Last updated on 27 December 2020