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Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa)

The number of plant species you see from the canopy towers of Cristalino Jungle Lodge is impressive. Unfortunately most are out of focus, as all the visitors are only interested in the birds. But what are the birds without the trees? These plant species produce flowers and fruit throughout the year, and is at the […]

Wild mango (Grias neuberthii)

I wonder what this wild mango fruit tastes like compared to the cultivated varieties. I for one am certain the fruit and the tree itself contains properties one could only dream of in the cultivated ones. Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish, so I was unable to ask the Añangu people what they use it for.

Wild mango (Grias neuberthii)

An incredibly fascinating flower – thick and waxy and extremely tough. This tree grows close to the creek on the grounds of the welcome center of Napo Wildlife Center (where you leave the motorized boat and Napo river behind and embark on a silent canoe trip up the creek to the lodge itself) – a […]