Kalesan, Socotra

I was here exactly 8 years ago – 6 February 2015. There is quite a bit more water now, perhaps 1,5 to 2 meters deeper. The sand-washed, very bright surfaces are looking the same as in 2015. Perhaps reaching a bit further away from the water now. During a cyclone or wet winter, the water level is perhaps more than 20 meters higher than now.

There are few signs of the powerful cyclones Chapala and Megh that followed after my visit in 2015 and the following years. But I did not see any of the large eels, nor any fishes. As for the plants growing in cracks in the vertical cliffs – they are for the most part thriving, or have been replaced.

In other parts of Socotra the impacts from the past cyclones have been very destructive, with dams and pools completely drowned in debris and no longer holding any water. Here there is, to my surprise, no clogging or dumping of debris or large boulders. The pools are for the most part pristine and as beautiful as they were in February of 2015.

Details about cyclone Chapala
Details about cyclone Megh
Details about cyclone Mekunu (2018)

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