Kalesan gorge, Socotra

Wherever you are on Socotra you’ll be struck by the amazing landscape and flora. The key to truly appreciate it is to stay in each location for as long as it takes to feel at home with the locale and its goings on.

This river gorge is mellow now, but during the wet season the water level reach the very edge where I stand, which is around 10 meters high! The power is immense, and you can see how the water has carved out and how the eddies have formed smooth waves on the rock face.

One year ago the downpour was exceptional, and many roads are still not repaired, leaving many communities isolated. I for one was unable to visit several locations due to the flash floods.

What’s even more amazing is that large eels live here! How they survive the flash floods is truly amazing! Other species of fish live here too!

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