Socotran Fig (Dorstenia gigas)

A vertical cliff specialist! Getting up close to one of these is for the most part difficult to impossible, as is the case here. They are often found in groups, as seen here, where you’ll see them ranging from tiny seedlings to fully mature giants.

During the dry season it could easily be mistaken for the Socotra bottle tree (Adenium obesum ssp. socotranum), but when with leaves they are easily distinguished.

In the back you see a young dragon blood tree (Dracaena cinnabari), which is no longer found in the Firhmin Forest as the goats gobble up every single seedling there. It is likely a brought here by a Socotra starling (Onychognathus frater), as they eat the fruits. They will pass through their digestive system and come out through their droppings and germinate.

Elevation: 488 meters.


Socotran Fig (Dorstenia gigas)

Socotran Fig (Dorstenia gigas)

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