Himalayan Pika (Ochotona roylei)

This little cutie was in full swing eating the delicious primula flowers and other species now in bloom, and here it had a very short break on an outcrop to survey the area.

Even though this was the first day (the full moon of April) people were back after a long winter, they were not that disturbed by human presence, and I had to back away to reach focus, and thus missed the beautiful purple primula being gobbled up. They pop up like whack-a-moles from unexpected places, and just sitting in one location will very likely give you several lovely encounters with pikas doing their things.

Just weeks before this place was under deep snow and the pikas were fully reliant on stock of plants collected from the previous year. Yet humans are only able to stay here when the snow has melted, when they return to the highest Shiva temple in India by April’s full moon.

Elevation: 3496 meters

Last Updated on 20 June, 2021 by morten

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