Himalayan tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus)

An encounter with a member of a group of Himalayan tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus). In what seemed like a quiet morning with little wildlife in Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary, I almost missed a large group of Himalayan tahrs grazing near the road in a difficult stretch. I was happy to see it was not just a couple of individuals, but a sizeable group spread way back in the hillside.

Checking me out is here a mature individual with wonderfully long wool.

It must have been at least 20 individuals or more! I was flabbergasted and elated to be able to see such a large group going about their early morning activities so close to the road.

The oldest individuals seemed most at ease in the background and only occasionally coming in clear view near the road. The younger ones were bolder, I guess that applies to many a species, and ventured closest to the road and away from the trees.

It was a lot of movement – sometimes play fights, other times just standing and observing their land or simply grazing.

Elevation: 2831 meters

Last updated on 10 July 2024