The diversity and number of mushrooms growing in the forest now is more than I can remember in decades. It is absolutely incredible!

I usually find the conspicuous species like the Fly agaric individually and far between, and some autumns they have been hard to find. Now they are growing in huge clusters and with countless clusters all over the forest here.

The foliage of the trees are still just beginning to change to reds and yellows, but on the forest floor the mushrooms provide an incredible color palette that I hope to capture in the coming weeks.

I have found such strange and beautiful species, like this one seemingly bleeding rubies!

This is in fact the beginning of the decomposing cycle and some species start off my seemingly sweating liquid, but this is the only species I’ve seen with such brilliant color!

It looks deliciously strawberry-like, but all of this mushroom is most likely very unhealthy, possibly toxic to us.

Elevation: 40 meters

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