Principe puffball fungus, unknown species

Bom Bom islet, Principe

This small islet was a treasure trove of fungi species, and I wonder how many species will come out of the ground and rotten wood as the wet season progresses. I visited at the beginning of the season and had such a great time here. I had left behind the best fungi season in decades back home in Norway, which seemingly would never end, and finding so many species here made up for my feeling of missing out.

As with the other species I have share with you from this islet so far this one had many specimens in all stages, but I find this stage the most beautiful as it is at its very vital and beautiful stage – ready to burst and then decay as it spews out the huge amount of spores. You can see more specimens on the way at the base of it – the brown lump that looks like wet soil.

Such diversity of fungi is a great sign of a healthy environment where this diversity is able to fully complete the life cycles. The amazing thing is that this is on such a tiny piece of land!

Elevation: 4 meters

Last updated on 29 November 2020