Rhododendron kesangiae

My previous encounter of this species was carrying one inflorescence with flowers just opening, but was exceedingly hard to get up and close to. I was naturally exhilarated to be able to encounter wonderful specimens here that I could touch and admire as close as I wanted. This very location was a veritable garden with such amazing scents and species, that I had an overdose of sorts – that of awe, gratefulness and wonder.

I also encountered amazing species that I would have wanted to get close to, but again they had droves of flowers too high and completely out of reach.

This intensely colored flower did not have any scent, so its language is that of sight, but then again it could have subtle fragrances only certain species are sensitive to, the human nose is after all not that sensitive.

In a few years this bush will have grown significantly and perhaps no longer carry flowers close enough to the ground for other humans to admire up close.

Elevation: 3263 meters

Native range is eastern Himalaya.

Rhododendron kesangiae

Rhododendron kesangiae

Last updated on 10 April 2023