Mountain Knotgrass (Ouret lanata)

This plant is one of many interesting species I found in a very small area in a valley at 320 meters altitude. A river runs through on the valley floor, supporting lots of more water demanding species, but just a few meters up the mountain slopes a rocky a harsher environment with lots of plant species dotting the landscape like a well-groomed garden.

I spent just about half a day here, but that was by far not enough.

It resembles Aerva javanica, but the distinction between Aerva javanica and Ouret lanata is the leafless inflorescence spikes in Aerva javanica, and this observation has leafy spikes, thus Ouret lanata.

Miller et al:
Aerva javanica: Inflorescence usually leafless; spikes 1-15 cm long; outer 2 tepals acute or obtuse, inner 3 tepals with narrow midrib and broad membranous margin.
Ouret lanata: Inflorescence usually leafy; spikes 0.5-1 or 2 cm long; outer 2 tepals mucronate, inner 3 with broad midrib and narrow margin.

Native range is Africa to tropical Asia.

Last updated on 4 February 2024