Linda Emperor (Doxocopa linda)

The doxocopas look very similar to the adelphas out in the field, as well as during identification at home. It’s like seeing the difference of two QR codes or barcodes!

This is why I try to first of all determine how many individuals are in one location, and then to photograph each one for some time, to ensure I’ve got sufficient data. Time and time again I’ve experienced that what I though was one species was 3, and that I only had good photos on one of hem.

This particular location is the “shipyard” of Cristalino Jungle Lodge (where the boats are taken on land), which was crowded with many different species. Luckily there were very few guest at the time I was at this hotspot, so the butterflies were more or less only disturbed by my slow movements.

-9.596652, -55.932165

Last updated on 14 February 2014