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Agathina Emperor (Doxocopa agathina)

Every day I enjoyed the many butterflies around my room and I was hoping this one would close its wings, as this species is more about open wings than closing them when on the ground. For a brief moment it did close the wings so I could see the underside.

Lavinia Emperor (Doxocopa lavinia)

The doxocopas look very similar to the adelphas out in the field, but when you see one with this amazing blue iridescence there are much less to choose from. This particular location is the “shipyard” of Cristalino Jungle Lodge (where the boats are taken on land), which was crowded with many different species. Luckily there […]

Linda Emperor (Doxocopa linda)

The doxocopas look very similar to the adelphas out in the field, as well as during identification at home. It’s like seeing the difference of two QR codes or barcodes! This is why I try to first of all determine how many individuals are in one location, and then to photograph each one for some […]

Linda’s Emperor (Doxocopa linda)

This is from the airstrip in Florida, and being next to Noel Kempff Mercado National Park there are so many different species of butterflies everywhere. The airstrip is no exception! The number of Adelphas was so large, that even back home I am unable to identify the few I managed to photograph! Thanks to Kim […]

Agathina Emperor (Doxocopa agathina)

Agathina Emperor (Doxocopa agathina)

A beautiful butterfly I also saw in Bolivian Amazon. The blue is changing with the angle of the light, so sometimes it seems to have very little blue, and in other angles it’s really striking. This is by the stream/waterfall we cross on the way to the Huanchaca Plateau (also called Caparu Meseta (Meseta de […]

Agathina Emperor (Doxocopa agathina)

I’m grateful to have gotten a shot of this wonderful butterfly. I only saw it here this once on the muddy grounds of the Napo Wildlife Center welcome center. Here the shifting levels of the Napo river deposits silt on the flat riverside and this is what the butterflies seek – salts. Most of the […]