Northern lights (Aurora borealis)

The Bunnefjord (the sibling of the Oslo fjord) has now been frozen over for many weeks and the ice is thicker than in many years. This night was without any clouds and it was incredible to be able to walk on the fjord as the moon was rising in the east.

As I was walking I thought I saw the familiar green hue, albeit very faint. To be certain, a long exposure is the only way, so I ran to get my camera.
Northern light it was, but really faint, and barely above the northern horizon, which is distorted by the incredibly light-polluted Oslo.

Accompanied by the snow crystals reflecting the strong moonlight, this was indeed a night of light!

In the time-lapse you can barely see the low-hanging green bow, but the shadows of the moon are as if in the daylight.

Last updated on 29 December 2020