Salar de Uyuni

The enormity of the salt flat is incredible and very hard to convey on a photo, but when you have known elements like two 4×4 jeeps seen here (this view is from Isla del Pescado (Fish Island)), you get the idea, I believe. The salt is very tough on the cars, including the tyres which have made this track so visible. In the rainy season all this is washed away. Imagine how often they must change tyres!

This group of people looks like ants, and so out of place! In fact they wanted to leave their 4x4s far from the island I’m on (to hear the silence, feel the salt and wind). I don’t blame them, as this is such an alien place, and although you get nowhere without a car here, once in a while it’s great to get out of the car and leave the sound of the engine for a while.

Altitude: 3716 metres.


Last updated on 31 August 2016