Laguna Colorada

This lagoon simply defies logic!

Seeing this lagoon for the first time made me think of a chemical spill or some other human made disaster.

In the middle of this barren expanse a lagoon with colors ranging from the intense red to the whitest of whites, and in the middle of this – life! Lots of it, in the most obvious form of Flamingos. But so much more! Several species of birds feed here – like the Sandpiper.

The red is from sediments and algae and the white is the mineral borax (Sodium tetraborate decahydrate), which creates the illusion of icebergs.

Mixed with gale force winds whipping up large quantities of volcanic dust, it definitely is a surreal environment which seems like from another planet.

Altitude: 4297.


Last updated on 2 February 2013