Laguna Colorada

This is shot towards the low evening sun, and the contrast gives the appearance that he lagoon is just slightly red, and even blue close to the shore.

The dust cloud is also made very prominent in this high contrast angle against the low sun. It seems as if the lake is boiling!

It looks alien and harsh, and my experience was not far from it as the wind was very strong and made it quite cold, so my down-jacket was a necessity!

This is actually a daily occurrence. During the night the air cools and settles, and the early mornings are quite calm and cold. As the sun rises and heats the air, the wind picks up, and late in the evening it can grow to Gale force in certain areas. Here I was completely unable to hold my camera and tele-lens still. I was swaying like a tree!

Altitude: 4297.


Last updated on 27 June 2024