Andean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus andinus)

The huge, dry Altiplano is not without water. Several springs feed lagoons and rivers – even in the deepest of the dry season.

This is River Alota, shallow and crystal clear, and surprisingly has a large amount of fish! Not a place I would expect to find flamingos, but this location has sufficient life for a large variety of birds, and the fish population is large enough to sustain many herons. What a feat in a desert!

This water is clear, fresh and full of lifeforms up to fish – all of which I would have though deplete the Flamingo’s food, yet they stay here and seem to find all they need! Incredible diversity and robust ecosystem!

One of very few juveniles at this site.

Also listed as Phoenicopterus andinus.

Altitude: 3831 metres.


Last updated on 8 December 2020