Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin)

What a peculiar bird. For one its song repertoire is stuck on one note – the intro of the Magpie which it will repeat over and over again. Then there is the flapping of the wings – sometimes they open them and use them in a way that resembles a cape. It seems they are often reluctant to take to the wings, and when disturbed by humans they will flap and move their wings like some sort of warning or pre-flight check until they finally and clumsily “fly” a few metres into the thickets.

One other peculiarity I did not experience due to the inability to get close to them, is their smell. They are also called stink bird, and that is due to their digestive system which resembles that of a cow – they use bacterial fermentation to digest the plants they eat. We all know the odor of cow manure, so there you have an idea!

They are abundant around the Anangucocha lake and the creeks flowing in and out of it.

It sounds like this:

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