Almost on top of Roraima

This was the third day of the Roraima trek. The morning started with a light shower. Unfortunately it lasted for many hours, and we just had to make our way to the top of Roraima. It was a weeeeet walk! Strangely enough I preferred the wet, as that made it easier to climb and not overheat, as would be the case in the sun. Now it resembled Norway, as long rests would mean getting cold.

Reaching the end of the climb we had to walk under a waterfall. This waterfall seemed to have a mind of its own, as no matter were I walked, the water followed me and drenched me with frigid water – it could not hold more than 7-8 celcius. That is the nature of falling water and strong updrafts hitting the wall of Roraima.

Just minutes after being drenched, the top was in sight. The rain also came to an end. Later that day the waterfall would have been reduced dramatically, and on the way down it was merely a trickle that was easily avoided.

Last updated on 7 December 2010