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Rainbow Metalmark (Caria trochilus)

A large tree had fallen down, and under the root a small pond had formed. This together with a cone of light where the canopy of the fallen tree once was, I found so many interesting insects that had found this temporary opportunity in the forest surrounding the Amazon Research and Conservation Center (ARCC) in […]

Lysippus Metalmark (Riodina lysippus)

I visited Pantanal just as the rainy season was beginning, and the rivers still not covering the sandbanks. Thus I could enjoy all the different kinds of insect and butterflies. This was one of many, many species I encountered.

Cat’s-eye Sapphire (Lasaia arsis)

I’ve shot this several times before, but I just can’t help myself – and this shot I think really shows the splendor of this species!

Cat’s-eye Sapphire (Lasaia arsis)

There is a 9 km long trail (Poco Preto trail) from the main road that leads to the Iguaçu river, and for me it was butterfly heaven as I saw so many different species and in places also in groups.

Smith's Pixie (Melanis smithiae)

Smith’s Pixie (Melanis smithiae)

The very first of the species for me in Bolivia, and one of countless gorgeous butterfly species here in Noel Kempff Mercado National Park. This is by the stream/waterfall we cross on the way to the Huanchaca Plateau (also called Caparu Meseta (Meseta de Caparú)) and is sometimes used as a camp when it’s not […]

Green Mantle (Caria mantinea)

A very tricky butterfly to follow, and when my salty pants seemed the only interesting spot to land I was out of options and had to accept that this would be the only shot I would get. With much more time, I would of course get some decent shots of this magnificent butterfly. The amount […]

Glittering Sapphire (Lasaia agesilas)

Noel Kempff Mercado National Park has the river Paraguá as a natural border in the west, and on the shores of the river you’ll see a large number of insect species, including butterflies. So even though the community of Florida is cattle land, and typically has human waste of different categories, the proximity to the […]

Red-barred Amarynthis (Amarynthis meneria)

One of innumerable species of butterflies and moths found here, this is on the trail from Tuichi river to Santa Rosa lake – the much larger neighboring lake to Chalalan.

Cleonus Metalmark (Detritivora cleonus)

This is on the trail from Tuichi river to Santa Rosa lake – the much larger neighboring lake to Chalalan.

Rainbow metalmark (Caria trochilus)

The Caria butterflies are perhaps the most beautiful of all! The colors, patterns and how they are in different angles and light is just mesmerizing, and I guess reason for some to get hooked on butterflies for the rest of their lives! I never got the chance to photograph this species in direct sunlight, which […]

Black-patched Metalmark (Lasaia agesilas)

I saw this species in dark undergrowth as well as in open sections alongside the Napo river. Also named Glittering Sapphire.