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Sooty Blue Zizeeria knysna

Sooty Blue Zizeeria knysna

There are many species of butterflies on Socotra, and in some areas you can see many of them if there are plenty of plants in bloom. At higher elevations – about 800 meters and higher, the euryops arabicus thrives, so when in bloom the butterflies have a lot of food from the thousands of flowers. […]

Eumaeus minyas

I found many butterflies around the dark forest floor of the forest surrounding the Amazon Research and Conservation Center (ARCC). Some so well camouflaged that I couldn’t see them unless they moved of was in flight. This one was one of several exceptions, as its bright spots make it somewhat conspicuous. Thanks to Kim Garwood […]

Gray ministreak (Ministrymon azia)

Yet another interesting species I found on the many sandbanks – some locations I found them in groups like here. It’s very small but beautiful genus in the Lycaenidae family, and should perhaps be easy to identify, but these patterns are so minutely different in each species, that it’s like reading barcode. What’s interesting about […]