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Oriental turtle dove (Streptopelia orientalis)

As the day is nearing its end, this individual is resting atop this tree stub as it’s possibly well fed for the day. If not disturbed it might stay overnight. This species is commonly seen and heard throughout India and Eurasia. It sounds like this: Elevation: 2718 meters

Seychelles blue pigeon (Alectroenas pulcherrimus)

Seychelles blue pigeon (Alectroenas pulcherrimus)

The Seychelles blue pigeon is beautiful and common species throughout the Seychelles islands, but on Bird Island where this was shot I encountered only two. It is after all a small island, so perhaps they find more of what they need on the bigger islands. Even though you might see it more often on other […]

Seychelles blue pigeon (Alectroenas pulcherrimus)

Seychelles blue pigeon (Alectroenas pulcherrimus)

A common resident throughout the Seychelles archipelago you likely will see for the first time around the airport. On Bird Island, where this was shot, I did not see it very frequently as it appeared to be only two of them there during my visit. This individual is perched in one of several large beach […]

Scaled Dove (Columbina squammata)

As I was waiting for the toucan parents to return with food to a nest I could also observe all the other species moving in and out of my area, and this one was part of a group of three ignoring my slow mowing presence. A good opportunity for me to photograph a species I’ve […]

Picazuro Pigeon (Patagioenas picazuro)

I noticed this individual sitting on the cecropia branch, but it was just the first of a wave of birds. There’s quite a large group of this species in the garden of Hotel do Ype, and this is in most part due to the handouts from the bird-friendly hotel. Altitude: 1021 metres. It sounds like […]

Galápagos Dove (Zenaida galapagoensis)

I’m used to wary and nervous doves, but as this is Galapagos, it barely made any change in behavior due to the human visitors – which is endless walking and and picking whatever is edible off the ground.