Boswellia popoviana

This mature individual has unclear features, and is likely a hybrid between Boswellia popoviana and another species. Could it be Boswellia scopulorum? It grows on another hill further to the east, so it is likely. Without flowers, the only certain way to identify is by genetics.


Elevation: 181 meters.

There are at least 9 species of Boswellia on Socotra, and they are all endemic.

This is the complete list of all the 10 Boswellia species found in the Socotra Archipelago:

Boswellia ameero
Boswellia asplenifolia
Boswellia bullata
Boswellia dioscoridis
Boswellia elongata
Boswellia nana
Boswellia popoviana
Boswellia scopulorum
Boswellia socotrana

Found only on the island of Samha:
Boswellia samhaensis

In addition there are numerous hybrids and varieties that will keep botanists busy.

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Boswellia popoviana

Boswellia popoviana

Boswellia popoviana

Last updated on 23 February 2024