Boswellia popoviana

Socotra is home to least 9 endemic species of Boswellia, which is a spectacular feat! They are incredible survivalists and most of them cling to bare rock as this one is, halfway into a shallow cave.

The foliage is lush and is a clear sign of recent rains. Yet it is perhaps their flowers that are most eye-catching. Based on the withered inflorescences and dispersed seeds, this tree was in bloom many months ago.


Elevation: 89 meters.

This is the complete list of all the 10 Boswellia species found in the Socotra Archipelago:

Boswellia ameero
Boswellia asplenifolia
Boswellia bullata
Boswellia dioscoridis
Boswellia elongata
Boswellia nana
Boswellia popoviana
Boswellia scopulorum
Boswellia socotrana

Found only on the island of Samha:
Boswellia samhaensis

In addition there are numerous hybrids and varieties that will keep botanists busy.

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The challenges in seed regeneration of the endemic Boswellia species on Socotra.

The summary of 13 research papers spanning twenty years of biodiversity research and nature conservation in the Socotra Archipelago.

Boswellia popoviana

Boswellia popoviana

Boswellia popoviana

Boswellia popoviana

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